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Singkarak Lake : West Sumatra, Indonesia

Singkarak Lake is located between the cities of Padang Panjang and Solok. It has an area of 107.8 kmĀ², being approximately 21 km long and 7 km wide. The majestic […]


Mount Kerinci : West Sumatra, Indonesia

Mount Kerinci (also known as Gunung Kerinci), standing at 3805m, is the highest volcano in Indonesia and the highest peak in Sumatra. It is surrounded by the lush forest of […]


Masjid Raya Sumatera Barat : West Sumatra, Indonesia

Masjid Raya Sumatera Barat or Grand Mosque of West Sumatra is a mosque in Padang, Indonesia. Masjid Raya Sumatera Barat is the largest mosque in West Sumatra, and the second […]


Maninjau Lake : West Sumatra, Indonesia

Maninjau Lake is settled in district of Tanjung Raya, Agam, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Maninjau Lake is located about 140 kilometers north of Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra, 36 […]


Kerinci Seblat National Park : West Sumatra, Indonesia

One of the largest national parks in Indonesia, Kerinci Seblat National Park protects almost 14,000 sq kilometres of tropical rain forests in central western Sumatra running down the Barisan mountain […]


Toba Lake : North Sumatra, Indonesia

The world famous crater lake of Danau (Lake) Toba is the third biggest tourist destination of Indonesia. The island in the huge lake, Pulau Samosir, attracts many tourists. Lake Toba […]


Prambanan Temple Compounds : Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Built in the 10th century, Prambanan Temple Compounds is the largest temple compound dedicated to Shiva in Indonesia. Rising above the centre of the last of these concentric squares are […]


Tamansari Water Castle : Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Tamansari Water Castle was also known as the garden for the Sultan of Yogyakarta. Tamansari was originally built for multiple purposes yet now only several buildings remain. Some of its […]